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Frequently Asked Questions

Vanity phone numbers are unique phone numbers that have the mnemonic relevance. Vanity phone numbers help general public in remembering the phone number and business associated with such phone number more easily. Vanity phone numbers have high recall value compared to generic phone numbers. Businesses can increase the call volume and sales using the vanity phone number in their marketing strategy.
Buy vanity number that is closely associated with your business. Buy vanity number that spells out the product or service you sell or the industry your business represents. Buying the right vanity number is key to increasing awareness, branding and eventually sales.
1800 vanity numbers are toll free vanity numbers that start with 1-800 and not many of these numbers are available to acquire. 1800 vanity numbers created multi billion dollars brands and are major driver in creating the actual value of vanity numbers. 1800 Flowers is one of the most recognizable brands, so is 1800petmeds, the numbers created success for businesses associated with them.
Local vanity phone number is specific to the area code of the originated number. It may represent a smaller geographic area and may not be used much outside geographic location of the designated area code. It helps connect with local customers within the local vanity phone number area code. Local vanity numbers have lesser impact and do not project higher or leadership stature of the business because of the area code associated with it. On the other hand tall free vanity numbers are considered the standard for vanity numbers because of it nationwide reach and appeal. Local vanity phone number is also referred to as local vanity number or simply local vanity.
Vanity phone number generator is the tool that suggests the possible vanity numbers that one can have with the letters or numbers combination. At search options provide more meaningful toll free vanity numbers availability by category or by search term. Our search is more robust compared to combination vanity phone number generator (vanity number generator) which just jumbles up letters or numbers to provide all combinations which may end up as random numbers without recall value or memorability.

Vanity number search should be tied to your business goals. The primary goal, most of the times, is to increase sales. If increasing sales is the objective, then you need to study how your customers currently find out your business, where they search, how and where they see your ads, are they looking for estimates, or doing comparison shopping. The vanity number search should be to entice your customers to look at your business first before they explore other options. Most of the time first business they approach is with whom they do business, given the customer services provided is excellent and pricing is as expected.

Buy custom phone number that are associated by mnemonics with products or services your business offers. For example if you are a dog groomer your ideal custom vanity number should be 1-8 I GROOM DOG (844 766 6364). Your customers will instantly visualize and build a picture of what you do, what your business is and when they should reach you and how to reach you. The branding is the key in custom vanity number and without the memorable number with high recall value vanity number has little impact. has all the toll free vanity numbers text enabled with easy way to reach you by zip code, you operate in, it becomes easy for your local customers to reach you by just texting their 5 digit zip code to 18 I GROOM DOG and can book the grooming session with you themselves by looking up your availability without even calling you. It saves lot of time for you and your staff and at the same time increases your revenue. You need to get this kind of number before your competition does. has exclusivity by Zip code, so if the zip code for highly customized number is taken by your competition you miss out on a valuable addition to your growth driver.
Vanity number lookup is first thing you do to find out what is available. Vanity number lookup by category on gives you all the premium toll free vanity numbers available along with the website or domain name that also spells the toll free number as close as possible. When you find out a meaningful toll free vanity number that resembles the true branding for your business, you should grab it by all means. It will help you in multiplying your marketing results and sales without extra efforts. The increase is growth is all possible with the recall value of your memorable toll free vanity numbers.
Vanity toll free numbers provide the widest reach possible for your business. Your business can be projected as a national or bigger regional player when you associate appropriate vanity toll free number to your business. The vanity toll free number has spell the product or service you deal in or industry you belong to, and common words and phrases that general public associates your products or services.