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Our Platform will support our vendors for tracking the entire journey of the customer from start to end which will then connect to our toll-free Vanity telephone numbers. Creating the list of both potential customers and customers is not sufficient but tracking the relationship with them is everything. Contact Management is mainly used for the single unified view of the customer information at one place. There is no limit on how many contacts you can create and use. vendors can create group contacts for your specific needs and send out messages to groups or all the contacts as you choose. Every unique vanity phone number that called or texted you is added to your contact group. However, you can upload your own contact list using csv format as provided.
CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is a robust technology and tool which helps to stay connected with contact management, sales management, and productivity for managing all the relationships and interaction with customers and potential customers and allows the vendors to send out email messages to individual contact or to all in a certain group or entire contact list. Our goal is to improve the customer business relationships, which helps to stay connected and improve profitability by adding new customers, winning their business, providing support and additional services throughout the relationship by providing Excellent customer support.

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