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Become Affiliate for Recurring Income

  • You do not need a website or blog
  • You do not even need a computer
  • All you need is a phone with SMS or Text messaging service.
  • Commissions are as high as 15% of the recurring revenue. One SMS to your contact can generate long term recurring revenue.
  • There is no selling involved. Just offer free service, if your contact can use the service for free.
  • Your contact can upgrade the service when confident about the value of the service.
  • Sign up and we will get you started on making money by SMS.
  • There is no signup fee

Partner with US

We want to partner with you if you are one of the following.

  • You are an Ad Agency.
  • You are Online Marketing Agency (SEO, SMM, PPC).
  • You are Direct Mail Marketing Agency.
  • You are solution provider to any of the categories listed.
  • You are a sales professional with ability to generate leads from your network.
  • You are looking for investment.